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Angel Carracedo


Professor of Legal Medicine (University of Santiago de Compostela), Director of the Galician Foundation of Genomic Medicine (Galician Service of Health), Director of the Genomics and System Biology Group (CIMUS and IDIS)), Director of the Genomic Medicine Group (USC), Director of Translational Medicine group and member board of CIBERER (Network Center for Rare disease research). President of Kaertor Foundation, President of INGADA Foundation, Ex-director of the Institute of Forensic Science, Past-President of the International Society for Forensic Genetics, President of the International Academy of Legal Medicine. Board member and external adviser of different societies on Forensic Science (i.e. IALM, ISFG, MAFS), Genetics, Cancer and Pharmacogenomics and different institutions and regulatory boards (European Medicine Agency- EMA, IRDiRC, Comisión Nacional para el Uso Forense del ADN). Editor-in-chief of FSI: Genetics (Number 1 in Legal Medicine- JCR). President of Kaertor Foundation (for early drug discovery), INGADA and others. Member of the Forensic advisory board of the ICRC and the International Criminal Court.

13 a 16 de setembro de 2023

São Paulo/SP



 +55 11 97403 4818

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